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The Mission

Punkmetal Abstract is a privately owned art business operated by its creator Abraham Darlington. I, Abraham, have set out to achieve a goal of bringing art to the masses by creating and selling artwork that can be enjoyed by trained artists, hobbyists, art collectors, first time buyers, and art enthusiasts alike. This is made possible by ensuring that all artwork is constructed using unique original designs with high quality professional materials. The work is then sold at affordable prices to make available to persons of all different income levels.

The Punkmetal Style

Punkmetal is the name given to the style that I, Abraham, created. It is characterized by loud vibrant colors, extensive movement, and emotional intensity much like the musical styles of punk rock and heavy metal. Punkmetal developed from influences like abstract expressionism, cubism, minimalism, graffiti, neo-expressionism, tattoo art, and graphic design.

The artwork may be non-objective, abstract, or semi-abstract and may or may not contain a message or meaning. More specifically the focus is on the internal thoughts and feelings of the creator during the current moment. Musical styles like classic rock, heavy metal, punk rock, blues rock, and psychedelic rock often drive the mood of the artwork.  The commonality between all artwork is that it focuses on the human experience. It's about enjoying the process of art creation and the vast and perplexing nature of human existence. It's about removing restraints and inhibitions placed on thoughts and feelings by societal expectations. A rebellious spirit is intertwined with all the work. An attitude of "The only rule is that there are not rules."


My message to the world is very simple. That is to have fun and enjoy life. It may seem cliche but it's all to common that people get caught up in the stresses of everyday life. Some artists will claim that art music be focused on heavy, serious topics. That design and specific technique and tools must be involved. My message to the masses is that you do not have to be a trained artist to enjoy artwork. That includes the creating, viewing, and buying of art. Art is about being human, about enjoying life and saying "I want to have fun." 

The Message

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