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Meet the Artist: Abraham Darlington


I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. I’ve always had an interest in art, especially tattoo art. It was not until I developed a shoulder injury that I began to pursue my artistic interests. I have no formal art training. I did, however, attend The Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA when I was very young. Everything that I have created has been through hard work, experimentation, and imagination.


I do not follow a specific style or school of thought when I create art. I enjoy all styles and mediums, but I have a proclivity for street, graffiti, abstract, minimalist, and cubist art. My paintings are typically created spontaneously and quickly being completed within a sitting or two. I use all types of tools including brushes, palette knives, spatulas, combs, sponges, spray paints, stencils, even my own hands.


I am currently exploring the world of digital art. Both to improve my painting and drawing skills and to design unique digital artworks to be purchased and displayed as prints. Feel free to take a quick look at the specific pieces of art that have been published in professional print and online journals throughout the United States by clicking published artwork.  

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